MDL Show Yvonne Karney

Why You’re so Tired (and how to change it!)

We met with Dr. Yvonne Karney to find out why the heck we are so tired (and what to do about it) . ⁠

We discuss⁠:

▪️The #1 myth about lack of energy.⁠

▪️When being tired isn’t normal⁠

▪️The real dangers of depleting ourselves⁠

▪️How to Increase our energy⁠

▪️How energy health is related to our weight⁠

The Woman s Doctor Podcast

Finding the Root Cause of Your Hormonal Imbalances

Dr. Yvonne Karney breaks down how to get your hormones back on track. Since doctors do not control what are considered “normal levels”, Dr. Yvonne explains what else to consider if you are not feeling well. It is nearly impossible to escape toxic exposure in our modern world but Dr. Yvonne guides you through practical things that you can control to begin detoxing

Flipping Fifty Podcast

It Takes MORE than Hormones to Fix your Hormones!

If you’ve been a long-time listener, and you’ve heard episodes discussing hormones, and hormone therapy options to fix your hormones stay put because you haven’t heard this.

No one has talked about this on Flipping 50 before. In all the episodes I’ve discussed and similar discussions about micronutrients I’ve had with clients, it’s never come up regarding how to fix your hormones. So, stay tuned.

The Diabetes Transformation Summit 2022

Can Toxins Lead to Diabetes Due to Cell Membrane Damage?

Interview on The Diabetes Transformation Summit. Here I discuss how toxins can lead to insulin resistance and potentially diabetes by damaging the cell membrane, and what to do about it!

C60 Podcast

What’s the Hormone & Mitochondria Connection? With Dr. Yvonne Karney

In this episode of C60 Health Connections, hosted by Jessica MacNaughton (CEO at and C60 Purple Power), we learn that toxins damage the fats in our mitochondria as well as cell membranes, just like a flame-thrower melting plastic! This affects our ability to make energy and it also messes up the way our hormones work because hormones only work when they attach to the receptors, which sit on our cell membranes–if the cell membranes are damaged then so are the hormone receptors and our hormones don’t work.

Yvonne shares with us her favorite “fire extinguisher” to address this common health issue!