Significance of Both High and Low Testosterone

Hmmm…. Is that even possible? Not really, unless you are taking varying amounts of testosterone as part of a hormone-replacement regimen!

It suggests that there’s a deeper issue than just testosterone going on. I’ve seen the following things cause fluctuating/contradictory symptoms:

  • Inflammation
  • Adrenal dysfunction with high cortisol
  • Environmental toxins
  • Stealth infections

You may wonder how the above list messes up testosterone? It’s because IT TAKES MORE THAN HORMONES TO FIX YOUR HORMONES….

You see, hormones need receptors to do their job. It’s the hormone-receptor complex that triggers the desired response. Any problem with this process can lead to hormone-like symptoms. You could have appropriate levels of a hormone but if it can’t trigger the response it’s supposed to, you will have hormone-related symptoms!

You Might Need a Hormone Locksmith

The hormone-receptor complex is like a key and a lock. Hormones (the keys) have to fit perfectly on their receptors (the locks) in order to trigger their response. You can have beautifully-made keys, but if your locks are rusty, the lock won’t open.

Rusty locks are damaged cell membranes. Damaged by inflammation from toxins and stealth infections. This is where you might need someone to show you how to clean up the damage from the toxins. This is so important, and must be done in the right order, or else you can get sick.

Something You can Start Right Away

One thing you CAN do immediately is reduce your exposure to toxins…

Here we have to be practical. We can’t control everything, and it’s not healthy to be anxious about things we can’t control… But we DO have control over:

  • What we put in our mouth
  • What we put on our skin
  • What we clean our house with
  • What we spray in our garden

I wrote a whole article on decreasing toxic exposure through these avenues. It’s on the Blog section of my website–link here.

In addition to reducing exposure, it’s also important to increase the excretion of toxins. Here’s some simple things you can do starting now to help with that:

  • Drink plenty of water (take your weight in pounds, divide by 2, and drink that many ounces of water daily)
  • Make sure you are pooping every day (otherwise toxins reabsorb through your gut)
  • Eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables (so helpful for increasing toxin excretion!)

Following these suggestions is a really great start on living the detoxification lifestyle–getting rid of more toxins than you take in. Please try to look at it this way–small steps in the right direction will eventually get you to your destination!

If You Need Help We’re Here for You!

If you are ready to get help, reach out to my team and we can set you up with a call to see if we’re a good fit to work together. Just follow this link to request a session.