At Vitality Renewal we offer the best blend of traditional laboratory testing AND functional medicine testing. When we meet to review the results, expect a detailed explanation along with a comparison of your results to OPTIMUM and not just “normal range”.

Traditional Laboratory Testing

You can actually learn quite a bit about your health with traditional testing. This is done with a blood draw looking at hormones, inflammatory markers, micronutrients, metabolism markers, and immune system markers. The advantage of this type of testing is that it is best covered by your health insurance. If you have poor/no health insurance benefits for lab testing don’t worry–we have in-house phlebotomy services and offer a cash discount on labs that can save 80-90% over the regular price from the clinical laboratory prices.


Functional Medicine Testing

Sometimes we need more information than is available from traditional laboratories. We individualize the testing recommendations just for you. These tests may be blood, saliva, urine, or stool tests. Examples are:

  • Stool tests for digestive analysis and microbiome health
  • Breath testing for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Urine testing for various toxins
  • Food-sensitivity testing
  • Urine or saliva tests for hormone balance and adrenal function
  • Urine testing for hormone metabolism

Are You Ready to Take RADICAL Responsibility for Your Health?

We are ready to be your guide if YOU are ready to do the work! You don’t have to live in the shadow of yourself. We promise to give you the individualized care you need. We won’t just prescribe a quick-fix medication. We will work with you to create a customized treatment-plan that supports your goals.

You deserve better care. You deserve to live a healthier life. Step out of the shadow. You OWE this to yourself and the world! Why? Because the world needs you to step into your reason for being. Fatigue is holding you back from being who you were meant to be.

 Embrace healing. Embrace life. Embrace you!