Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-02-03T10:16:04-06:00
Do I have to come in person to my visits or can we meet by video or phone?2022-03-29T11:43:15-05:00

If you live in Illinois, any visit can be virtual. If you live outside of Illinois the first visit must be in person. Please note that even if you live in Illinois, it is highly encouraged to come in-person for the first visit.

Besides my condition or symptoms, what are the things that would make me a good fit?2019-07-05T16:41:19-05:00

The 3 most important things are that you value your health, that you are committed to growth and that you are coachable. Dr. Karney sees people improve their health when they follow the protocols and dedicate the necessary time to healing.

Does insurance cover services at Vitality Renewal Functional Medicine?2022-03-29T11:43:56-05:00

Insurance may pay a portion of the office visits conducted during the program. You will be provided access to a super-bill at each visit that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

What is unique about Dr. Karney’s approach?2019-07-08T08:37:29-05:00

She is here to partner with you on your health journey. While she will make suggestions to you that she believes will help to improve your health, she acknowledges the importance of autonomy, and that the ultimate person in charge of your health is YOU. The number one focus is getting YOU well. Dr. Karney is open to anything that is going to help expedite the process.

It is also important to Dr. Karney to help you learn the “why” behind any recommendations and protocols. Behind the scenes, Dr. Karney is constantly researching, and communicating with colleagues around the world on the best approaches to achieve healing. She is always learning and staying in touch with the most cutting-edge research.

What is unique about Vitality Renewal Functional Medicine?2022-03-29T11:45:22-05:00
  1. The WHOLE team is here for ONE reason–to help you achieve your health goals!
  2. We are dedicated to helping you find the underlying root cause of what is causing your problems.
  3. We use a combination of traditional labs and functional labs to get the full picture of your health AND we interpret the labs results compared to OPTIMUM rather than “normal range”.
  4. We are constantly researching and evaluating new methods for reaching best health so that we can offer you the best cutting-edge therapies.
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