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M. Yvonne Karney, MD, FACOG, ABAARM

My PASSION is helping women with chronic fatigue. Why? Because I’ve been there. There was a time when I didn’t recognize myself. I wasn’t the wife, mother, or friend that I wanted to be. I was just too gosh-darn-tired! I even had to close part of my practice because I couldn’t keep up. Nobody could put a name or diagnosis on it but I KNEW something was wrong. I had chronic fatigue from crazy hours and high stress.

Through literally thousands of hours researching and over 80,000 patient encounters, I’ve cracked the code on ENDING chronic fatigue. PLEASE don’t let anyone convince you that your fatigue is normal aging! If you are suffering please GET HELP!

WHAT IF you could heal? How would you show up if you had plenty of energy? What would you do with sharp mental focus and energy to last throughout the ENTIRE day? What if you could ride a bike, walk 18 holes, dance the tango/two-step, or garden and still have something left? What if you could wake up embracing the day rather than hitting the snooze button and timing your next nap? What if you had enough energy for work AND play?

I want to help you get your energy back so you can rock your mission! Look—you were put on this world for a purpose. The world needs YOU to be at your BEST. I want to help you achieve your best-self so that you can be PRESENT and ENJOY your life! It’s time to stop putting yourself on the back burner. TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life.

Shall we get started?


Tanya Tanzillo, DNP, FNP-BC

I have had the pleasure of caring for McHenry County community members for over 20 years. Through searching for the best way to help patients optimize their health, I discovered functional medicine and knew I had found my home!

I love the way functional medicine emphasizes care of the whole person, and recognizes diet, exercise, stress, and sleep as VITAL pillars of health. I truly love the capacity for healing rather than merely suppressing symptoms with umpteen medications!

My PASSION is to help you maximize WELLNESS. This requires working with your body’s amazing ability to heal! Only you can be the captain of your ship on your journey to wellness. I look forward to helping you navigate the waters!

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Katie Melull, RN and Health Coach

Katie is both a registered nurse and a health coach. She joined the team in the summer of 2019. Katie is passionate about functional medicine and truly enjoys supporting patients on their journey to wellness as a health coach. She is also an expert at IV infusions. Outside of work you will find Katie enjoying time with her husband and young son. She enjoys cooking healthy meals, spending time outdoors, and researching the latest health break-throughs.

Jennifer Burr

Jennifer Burr, MA

Prior to joining the team at SaluGenesis in January 2021, Jennifer worked in women’s health for over 20 years. In addition to helping with patient flow she runs the phlebotomy department and is an expert in drawing blood.

It was a leap of faith for Jennifer to leave traditional medicine, but she felt the calling toward health, wellness, honoring the body’s capacity to heal, and using her ability to care-for and help others in functional medicine. What she loves most about her work is getting to know the patients—relationships are very important to Jennifer! Outside of work you will find her with her husband and 2 boys, listening to music and doing ANYTHING that is outdoors.


Liz Alvarez, MA

Liz is excited to be BACK in health care, after taking a few years off to be at home with her 3 children. She helps with patient flow through the office, blood draws, injections and neurofeedback.

When you meet her you will immediately notice her caring and cheerful personality. So glad to have you on the team Liz!

Cheryl Bakotic

Cheryl Bakotic, Patient-Care Coordinator and Receptionist

Cheryl is our expert patient-care coordinator and neurofeedback technician. She joined the team October 2018. She spent many years at Good Shepherd and Centegra hospitals as a unit coordinator in several different departments. Immediately prior to joining the Vitality Renewal team she was a Customer Care Specialist for Medela, assisting moms with their breastfeeding needs.

She lives in Spring Grove with her fiance and their two cats. She has 2 grown children—each with their own children, making her a very happy grandma! In her free time Cheryl loves anything outdoors –gardening, kayaking, walking/hiking. And of course—spending time with her grandchildren!

What Cheryl loves about working at Vitality Renewal is the culture in which patients and staff are encouraged and supported to not only grow but to THRIVE! In her own words: “I feel truly blessed and am very excited to be a part of this amazing team.” And we are lucky to have YOU Cheryl!