Disease doesn’t just happen—it’s a complex cascade!

It takes a lot of things going wrong to develop a chronic illness. We want to help you reclaim your health by learning what went wrong and making it right again! We believe you can heal because we’ve seen it happen!

Think of your health as a bucket.

We were given a bucket at birth that signifies our genetic ability to adapt and detoxify. If our bucket overflows we develop a chronic illness. The key to healing is to reduce the total load inside our bucket.

What fills our buckets?

  • Poor nutrition
  • Stress
  • Toxins

Dr. Yvonne’s proven RENEW Method™

  • R = Repair the gut
  • E = Evaluate for hormones balance, micronutrient deficiencies, toxins, infections, brain health, inflammation (TEST DON’T GUESS!)
  • N = Nurture your body’s innate healing ability
  • E = Eradicate toxins, infections, and other barriers to healing
  • W = Wire the brain first for healing and then for continued health

What can you expect during your program?

  1. A detailed information-gathering session looking for suspected root-causes of illness
  2. A thorough assessment of metabolism, hormones, nutritional status and inflammation
  3. A customized plan for achieving improved health using nutrition, lifestyle and any modalities that may help you
  4. Continual re-evaluation of your stage in the healing process with adjustments made as necessary
  5. Regular visits with our health coach to make sure you stay on track
  6. Healing takes time—At the end of your program 1 of 3 things will happen:
    1. You will have met your goals and no longer need our help– we will celebrate this with you and remind you we are here for you in the future if you need us!
    2. You are on your way but not quite there yet– we will continue to work together on a visit-by-visit basis
    3. Your goals are met but you want to stay with us to continue using the functional-medicine approach to wellness–we would see you every 6 to 12 months, depending on your needs

What is expected of you?

  1. Honesty–seriously
  2. You must be ready, willing and able to make changes
  3. You have to WANT to take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for your health

This type of medicine is an honest partnership.  We don’t use the word “patient” because it implies you being passive and us doing something to you… We work TOGETHER to bring your vitality BACK!