Support Healthy Aging and Restore Your Energy

If only I knew then what I know now: youth is wasted on the young. Translation: “I had the energy back then but not the knowledge to implement it. Now I have the knowledge but no energy!”

By your mid-forties, you have amassed invaluable experience! You have a wise perspective of what is important:

  • Been there, done that.
  • Been there, WISH I had done that!
  • Been there, wish I HADN’T done that!

The World Needs Your Wisdom!

You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are in your career. You have gained so much knowledge through experience, yet sometimes you are afraid that people will notice that your edge is slipping. You might even feel dumb. You are running an afternoon meeting, and this fogginess comes over you, and you lose your train of thought–catastrophe! Do you ever find yourself scheduling important meetings in the morning because by the afternoon, your brain feels like mush? Do you drink caffeine all day to try and stay focused and then alcohol at night to calm down?

What About Leisure Time?

It’s just plain WRONG that you are finally at a point where you have the finances to do fun things but not the energy. Maybe, the kids are out of the house (or self-sufficient enough), and every night has the potential to be “date night,” but you are too gosh darn tired to even THINK about romance!

All of this matters because YOU matter! The world needs YOU (really badly!), but in order to show up, you need the energy and focus. You have so much to offer! 

We need to get you focused on healthy aging so that you can:

  • Live your life to the fullest!
  • Make an impact!
  • Get sh*t done!
  • Have fun doing it!

But is it possible? In short – YESSSSS!!! I believe we can have energy and clarity to last the WHOLE day! It is NOT too late to start. Let’s make the second half of your life the BEST half!

We don’t live well by conserving our energy. We live well by expending and RENEWing our energy! If we are afraid that we can’t RENEW our energy, then we stay stuck on the sidelines, afraid to do anything because we’ll crash.

THIS is what we do in the RENEW Your Vitality programs. My RENEW Method™ is specifically geared to help you regain your energy and focus to get your LIFE back:

R = Repair the gut

E = Evaluate

N = Nurture your body’s innate healing capacity

E = Eradicate barriers to healing

W = Wire the brain and nervous system for health

Let’s Take a Deeper Look At the Components of Healthy Aging

REPAIR the Gut

Healthy aging really does start in the gut. A healthy gut helps us absorb nutrients and eliminate waste – both toxins and just used-up items. A healthy gut is a silent partner, doing its job quietly and unassumingly. If you are constantly aware of your gut, then something is wrong!

We repair the gut by eliminating inflammatory foods, providing key nutrients, and taking some nutritional supplements that help the body rebuild. For a deeper dive into intestinal health, feel free to watch my Healthy Gut, Healthy You masterclass on the subject.


Test, don’t guess! As we get started, we evaluate micronutrients, hormone balance, metabolism, immune health, inflammation, and toxicity levels. It is important to take the right tests AND interpret the results correctly. Here is where you need an expert – someone who understands the difference between “normal range” and optimal. Believe me, there’s a huge difference!

NURTURE the Body’s Innate Healing Capacity

This one starts with the belief that we are created to be healthy. We don’t get ill because we suffer injury, we get ill if we lose our ability to repair and rebuild. We are designed to repair! We use nutrition, stress reduction, restorative sleep, appropriate movement, and nutritional supplements to accomplish this.

ERADICATE Barriers to Healing

We have to remove roadblocks. These barriers include toxins, infections, and unresolved trauma. We work on gently and safely detoxifying, supporting the immune system to get rid of stealth infections, and improving resilience to stress and traumas. Learn more about stress and trauma here.

WIRE the Brain and Nervous System For Healthy Aging

This is a pretty deep one, and it has multiple layers. First, we need to learn to live the majority of our time in a parasympathetic state. Huh? We have two automatic components that control our nervous system. The sympathetic state is alert, alarm, aware… danger is near! It is necessary for survival. It is also known as “fight or flight.”

The other state is parasympathetic, which is rest, digest, and heal. THIS is where we need to spend the majority of our time! Unfortunately, in our society, most people live nearly 24/7 in a sympathetic state. This makes true healing very difficult. We simply MUST learn to change that.

Healthy Aging Means Letting the Body Work as it Should

It comes down to putting in the good, taking out the bad, and then getting out of our own way to let amazing things happen! If we do this, then we can have the energy and focus to truly enjoy the rest of our life.

So PLEASE don’t let anyone tell you that fatigue is normal as you age or that it’s normal to be forgetful as you get older. Be sure to reach out if you are struggling! If you confide in your doctor that you don’t feel well and are brushed off with “it’s normal,” then get a second opinion! If you need help, my team and I are here for you. We make the solemn promise that we will leave no stone unturned to get you on the right track to live your life to the fullest.

Your. Time. Is. NOW. Let’s go! Work with our Functional Medicine team today.